Earning DavenPoints

  • Every player can collect DavenPoints. DavenPoints will be tallied before the start of the next session. Any points collected at the current session will be added after the session is over.
One Time Awards Points Awarded
Create a character 3
Buy your own dice. (mine are cursed) 3
Write up a character background 6
Read 4e Rules Compendium 3
Read Carey’s Forgotten Realms House Rules 4
Find an appropriate representation of your character in a miniature (and paint it if you are so inclined) 5 (10 painted)
Recurring Awards Points Awarded
Arrive on time and prepared 2
Take notes and type them up for group in the form of an adventure log. One person per session may do this. 5
Be the cartographer or inventory tracker for your group and post something up on Obsidian Portal. 5
Bring food/beverages for group 5
Wear a costume or bring a prop appropriate for you character. 4
RP on obsidian portal ( DM sanctioned thread 4
Ready to go on your turn without delay (DM desecration). 5
Roleplay your character based on the character’s alignment or background. DM Discretion (4-5)
Think of alternative ways to complete encounters other than brute strength. DM Discretion
Each player may award other players up to 2 points per session. These can be given out for good role-playing, problem solving, tactics, creativity, and for humor and fun. varied

Cashing in DavenPoints

  • At the start of each session, a character can cash in DavenPoints from the previous session for the following rewards.
Purchase Price Reward
1 The player draws a common Fortune Card that he or she can use at any point during the session.
2 The player draws an uncommon Fortune Card that he or she can use at any point during the session.
3 The player draws a rare Fortune Card that he or she can use at any point during the session.
0 Characters can choose to re-draw one card each session and may have only one card of each rarity in their hand each session.
Varied The player may purchase extra redraws for the session at the rarity cost of the card being drawn.
4 The player can receive an action point token (limit 1 per session).
5 The player can gain a Stroke of Luck Card (limit 1 in hand at any time).
10 The player may save suffering the effects of a critical hit or miss (once per session).
20 The player may hire a hireling from a local inn to help aid in quests at an easier rate than what an NPC would normally bargain for. (The maximum party size is 6 between PC’s and Hirelings).
50 Have a Smithy, Enchanter, or other knowledgeable NPC in game create you a new weapon, armor, or item for half the normal cost. (interesting RP required for this!)
50 XP BOOSTER! Gain level-appropriate XP for your character. (An encounter XP total will be figured for your level and then divided by 5.)

Suggestions for DavenPoint awards and rewards are always welcome. Post on the forums about it! All point values and rules are subject to change at any time puny mortals!


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