Carey's Eberron House Rules

Game Mechanics

Action Points: A character does not receive action points for hitting milestones.

Experience: There are a variety of ways to earn experience, both with encounters and story rewards. Characters will earn XP at different rates and can, potentially, be at different levels.

Magic Items: When the party receives magic items they cannot automatically identify the item.

Critical Hits When a character, NPC, or Enemy rolls a natural 20 on an attack roll, Carey’s Critical Hit Chart will be consulted.

Fumbles When a character, NPC, or Enemy rolls a natural 1 on an attack roll, Carey’s Fumble Chart will be consulted.

Character Creation and Leveling

House Ruled Feat: All characters that are part of the Kessel Family begin with training in stealth.

One Hundred Traits: All characters may roll traits for their character and apply the traits to the character for use in role play.

Inherent Bonuses: Character receive inherent bonuses, rather than relying on the enhancement bonuses of neck slot items, weapons, and armor.

Retraining: All characters may retrain according to the rules of retraining found in the 4e Rules Compendium on page 87.

Carey's Eberron House Rules

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