Vein Feratu

The shadows are a dangerous place, only evil lurks there... including the ones that hunt them


AC 15* | Fort 17 Ref 15* Will 12 | Per 15 Ins 10 Init +2 Speed 7


Rangers have great skill and are a deadly force to deal with, Vein Feratu is no different. He hasn’t met an opponent that got the better of him yet. He has found himself in some troubling situations but came out on top every time. Spending most of his life in the shadows hunting terror and protecting cities from unwanted beasts, his talents are leased to a high bidder. His talents do not come cheap, but the results are always worth the price. His last contract had him searching the caverns for wicked beasts… he has not been seen for weeks….

Vein Feratu

Escape from the ETC! xCodizzlex