Soric Stormhawk

A wise warrior with keen senses and a willingness to shoulder any burden and take on any challenge in the name of good.


Dwarf Avenger
756 max

53 yrs / 4’7" / 186 lbs
Male / Good / reveres Valkur
Mercenary (Theme) / Mariner (Background)
Maul, Basic Clothing
Skilled in Perception, Religion (default), Athletics, Endurance
Two-handed Weapon Expertise


Soric Stormhawk was brought into the world 53 years ago. Soric’s father, Orin Stormhawk, was a mariner, merchant and trader in the service of House Kundarak. Delighted to have a pupil and an heir, Orin took his young son Soric wherever he went on official business. Soric was an eager student learning how to sail all manner of ships of the sea and air, how to bargain with people of different cultures, and how to be a man of principle and purpose.

When Soric reached the age of service his stature and spirit were determined by the elders to be that of a warrior, and not a merchant like his father. This news saddened his father who resented the elders for their decision in spite of Orin’s years of faithful and exceptional service. Hoping to make both his father and his House proud no matter what, Soric devoted himself to the teachings of a group of mariner mercenaries – the Arm of Valkur. Soon, Soric became a shining example of the wisdom of the elders, as his skill as a warrior grew rapidly.

Soric’s prowess soon caught the attention of Miras Mordenkrad, a minor lord of House Kundarak and the Captain of the Arm of Valkur. Impressed by this rising star, Miras took Soric’s training into his own hands becoming his master and mentor. Soric discovered that Miras’ mirthful demeanor and mastery of the martial arts was in sharp contrast to his father’s serious tone and focused mind. The months of training under Miras turned Soric into a fearsome warrior and pushed him further from his father.

Soric’s skills in passage and diplomacy were unique among House Kundarak’s warriors. Despite House Kundarak’s neutrality in the Last War, it became obvious that extra precaution must be taken to ensure gods and funds could be transferred across the realm safely. At Miras’ suggestion, Soric was often hired to accompany bankers on House business. His presence on such ventures ensured a safe voyage and often yielded greater rewards and high spirited bankers. It was not long before Soric was trusted with more challenging and secretive tasks.

During the Last War, Soric served his House by accompanying House business ventures in volatile areas, escorting war prisoners to House Kundarak’s famed Dreadhold island prison, and defending House interests against overzealous members of the warring factions. House Kundarak’s neutrality was strictly enforced and at times it became difficult for Soric to still his hammer in the face of the horrors he witnessed. In truth, unbeknownst to his House, Soric did break the neutrality edict on a few occasions, with one such occasion holding far more significance than the others. (Details TBD / GM Discretion)

At present, Soric is a strong and trusted agent of House Kundarak. He is valued by some members of Kundarak’s ruling body, but does not hold rank himself, nor does he enjoy special privileges within the bureaucracy of the House. Soric’s father has not spoken to him in some time and resents all of those involved with the path his son has taken, though this has not yet come to include Soric himself. Soric is comfortable meeting and leading men of different races, creeds and backgrounds. He acts in the name of good although he has developed a temper as a means to feed the forceful and erratic power that he wields as a member of the Arm of Valkur.

Soric Stormhawk

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