Escape from the ETC!

It Starts Here!

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Character Creation – How and why you have come to be together.

The group has come together through travels and is earning keep aboard the House Kundarak airship. Only Soric (avenger dwarf) is actually a part of this house and for this particular vessel he is the 2nd mate. The 2nd mate is in charge of navigation and maintenance of navigation equipment.

During the travel time together you all have gotten to know one another and have come to trust one another based upon your eagerness to earn your keep aboard this Galleon ship (named The Flying Cloud.)

Your goal and the way to earn keep aboard the ship is to seek out Doria Veledaar—a House Tharashk inquisitive last seen visiting her family in Blackroot. House Tharashk has asked House Kundarak to aid them in locating this girl. They are ready to pay house Kundarak heavily for the retrieval of this girl. House Kundarak is also interested in finding a relic known as the Coat of Eyes before House Tharashk in hopes of acquiring a larger payout.

Days of flight have left the crew tired and in need of rest. The airship lands at the command of Captian Thorbalt Markolak near the village of Blackroot. Blackroot is the last known location of Doria.. Your party is sent to search for clues and time is of the essence if you want to complete the task before House Tharashk. The adventure begins!



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